• insects are generally edible and high in protein, but not worth gathering unless you can collect them in quantity (e.g., anthill).
  • grubs, beetles, termites, and insect larvae found in rotten logs are edible.
  • bees, wasps, and their stinging cousins are edible and tasty.
  • butterflies, moths, dragonflies, grasshoppers and crickets are edible. Remove wings and barbed legs from grasshoppers before eating.
  • all parts of insects are generally edible, except for hard portions, wings, and any areas of poisonous secretions.
  • avoid eating insects that are hairy, brightly colored, have a pungent odour or are bitter tasting.
  • avoid eating red ants, spiders, flies, mosquitos, ticks, and large, slow moving beetles.
  • insects can be boiled and then ground into a powder for adding into soups.
  • warning: do not eat grubs found on the underside of leaves, which can be poisonous.
  • warning: do not gather insects from garbage, dead animals, or dung, since they may carry infection.
  • warning: insects with hard outer shells should always be boiled to kill parasites. Boiling can also neutralize toxins/venom.
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