• edible when cooked.
  • look for snails after a rain, or in damp, shady areas.
  • warning: snails may ingest food that is poisonous/toxic to humans. As a precaution, allow snails a day or two to purge themselves before cooking.
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Field Notes
Snails are not always easy to find even after a rain, but when available they are a delicacy for the so-inclined. In the remoter areas of the Gulf Islands of BC, I've been able to easily collect several snails a day in drizzly/cloudy weather. I place them in a well ventilated plastic bag with some mossy soil and grass, and let them purge for several days. A snail will almost certainly find its way out of a container that has any holes large enough for the shell to pass through. The plastic netted bags for holding grapes in the supermarket make a good snail enclosure.

Snails are very sensitive to moisture, so be sure to water them occasionally when/if their environment starts to dry out or get hot. When I'm ready to cook, I boil snails whole for 5-10 minutes, gently pull them from the shell, then boil for another few minutes if there's any sliminess. They have a fatty, juicy texture and an unoffensive, mild flavour - good for the dinner soup.