Pungent Slippery Jack

  • cap is slippery/sticky, greenish when young
  • odor is pungent, banana-like
  • pores beneath cap exude milky drops if young
  • stem is white and brown-dotted
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Look-alikes in California

The probably edible Suillus quiescens differs in that the cap does not exhibit white or olive colors when young and the stem is less glandular-dotted in maturity. The edible Suillus glandulosipes differs most obviously in that the cap has no olive tones when young, the edges of the cap are more retentive of whitish veil tissue, and it grows in association with lodgepole pine. A number of other (non-poisonous) sticky-capped species of Suillus are superficially similar but do not match all the key characteristics.

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