Winter Chanterelle

  • cap has hole into stem
  • underside has ridges, not gills
  • stem is yellow and hollow
  • spore deposit is cream-colored
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Look-alikes in California

A number of other mushrooms are superficially similar in appearance (such as also having an umbilicate hole in the center of the cap) but do not match all the key characteristics. The not-recommended Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca differs in that it has true gills, the cap is larger (up to 8 cm broad) and the cap is not umbilicate. Chrysomphalina chrysophylla, of unknown edibility, differs in that the gills are blade-like, the cap is not umbilicate, and the spore deposit is yellowish. The probably edible but less common Hygrocybe miniata differs in that the cap is smaller (5-22 mm broad), the cap is not umbilicate, and the stem is yellow at the apex and white at the base.

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