Oak Chanterelle

  • fruiting body is peg- or vase-shaped
  • cap is egg-yolk yellow, often dirty
  • underside has ridges, not gills
  • ridges are forking and run onto stem
  • spore deposit is pale yellow
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Look-alikes in California

A number of gilled mushrooms are similar-looking, including those where the cap becomes upturned in age, exposing the gills. Such mushrooms differ by having "true" (i.e., blade-like) gills rather than forking, vein-like ridges. The poisonous Omphalotus olivascens differs in that it has true gills and grows in clusters where the stems are fused. The poisonous Paxillus involutus differs in that it has a brownish cap, true gills, and a brown spore deposit.

See also the closely related Cantharellus formosus and its look-alikes.

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