Short-stemmed Slippery Jack

  • cap is slippery or sticky when moist
  • cap edges are incurved and smooth
  • underside of cap has pale yellow pores
  • pores and flesh do not discolor when cut
  • stem is all-white and lacks ring
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Look-alikes in California

The edible Suillus quiescens differs most obviously in that the stem is yellowish near the apex. The edible Suillus fuscotomentosus differs in that the stem is brown-dotted. The probably edible Suillus pseudobrevipes differs in that the cap is honey-colored, the cap retains remnants of the partial veil, and the stem has a reddish, fibrous ring zone.

See also the edible but poor-tasting Suillus pungens which can have a similar appearance. It differs in that the stem is dotted with brown glandular dots and it has a distinctive, pungent odor of bananas.

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